37 Years Ago Today

Today in 1982, Grandpa and I were watching the news. The KY3 lady was interviewing somebody inside the War Eagle Mill about that year’s fair. Behind the person being interviewed, Granny opens the door and peers inside pensively at the television cameras. She cautiously enters, followed by my mother carrying my sister.

I exclaim, “Look, it’s Granny!”

Grandpa does not respond.

Tarantula Time of Year

Yesterday evening, the neighborhood Master Naturalist borrowed my communication device to take this photo. This fellow was crossing the county road, undoubtedly on his way to visit a lady. Always a gentleman, he will tap the ground outside her borrow with his foot, awaiting her response. If she is unimpressed with this potential suitor, she’ll most likely ignore his polite knocking. If she dislikes him, she’ll come out and beat him up or possibly kill him. So he anxiously awaits from her a friendly response, tapping his foot and hoping for the best.