Keeper of the Hollow

"Steve Weems"Steve currently holds the position of Keeper of the Hollow. Previously, he’s been employed as an accountant, writer and soldier.

2 thoughts on “Keeper of the Hollow

  1. I was wanting to talk to you about Keg Hollow, I have run around a lot of the WMA and not sure if I have been down the road to Keg Hollow, it could have been one of the times when the roads were blocked also. It seems like every time I am out there some more of my favorite roads are blocked off.
    If you could email me with a little more info on where I should be looking that would be great.
    Happy Trails,

  2. Received your book for Christmas and really enjoyed it. Just took me 2 days to read it, it was so good. from Dixon Springs, TN

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