4 thoughts on “Black Racer in the Blackberry Bush

  1. Eeek, I wouldn’t think to look 6 foot up for snakes. Oh Lordy, if one fell on someone’s head it wouldn’t matter if it was non-venomous.

  2. Wow. He’s really in there! I’m surprised that you saw him because I think I would have mistaken him for branches or something. My son just got a Corn Snake and I can’t look at it. Maybe over time, I’ll get used it. Do you run into a lot of snakes?

  3. Was it trying to catch birds? Sometimes birds nest in thick and tall blackberry bushes…. could that be why?

    • I don’t know what the snake was preying on. Stretched out he would be a lengthy snake, but didn’t have much girth. I couldn’t see it too well, so it could have been coiled around a bird’s nest, eating eggs or nestlings. I wondered if it might have been catching big beetles that were checking out the blackberry blossoms and (very few) berries.

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