Black Racer in the Blackberry Bush

I checked the blackberry bushes yesterday evening (not many berries) and discovered this Racer Snake curled up six feet off the ground in the brambles.Black Rat Snake Blackberry Bush Ozark Arkansas Eureka Springs

Arkansas Ozark Blackberries Snake

4 thoughts on “Black Racer in the Blackberry Bush

  1. Eeek, I wouldn’t think to look 6 foot up for snakes. Oh Lordy, if one fell on someone’s head it wouldn’t matter if it was non-venomous.

  2. Wow. He’s really in there! I’m surprised that you saw him because I think I would have mistaken him for branches or something. My son just got a Corn Snake and I can’t look at it. Maybe over time, I’ll get used it. Do you run into a lot of snakes?

  3. Was it trying to catch birds? Sometimes birds nest in thick and tall blackberry bushes…. could that be why?

    • I don’t know what the snake was preying on. Stretched out he would be a lengthy snake, but didn’t have much girth. I couldn’t see it too well, so it could have been coiled around a bird’s nest, eating eggs or nestlings. I wondered if it might have been catching big beetles that were checking out the blackberry blossoms and (very few) berries.

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