I Lock Up the Chickens at Night

Last night I walked up the hill to lock in the chickens for the night and found this long individual hanging around the hen’s nests. I’d not seen this particular black snake for awhile so had wondered if something had happened to it. My presence didn’t seem to concern it too much and it continued looking for eggs. The hens and the rooster, Russell Crowe were occasionally talking at the snake, but they didn’t seem awfully worried. I don’t want to exaggerate, but it was a six footer, at least. It was as long as the width of my wingspan, which is six foot.

Black Snake in hen nest August 26, 2013

Tonight there were two young raccoons in the hen house and they were scared senseless by my presence. It took ten minutes to finally convince them they could safely leave. I was so glad that I had a broom in there to chase them with. At first they wouldn’t leave the corner nest and were climbing all over each other trying to hide. Finally they left the nest after lots of poking, but then they climbed the chicken house walls and would try to hide up under the roof. Then they left these hiding places, each nearly landing on me as they leapt from their high perches. The first one found the exit pretty quickly, but the second couldn’t. It kept running into the wall searching for the door. I’ve always thought of raccoons as being pretty bright, but I suppose they are like people – when they are frightened out of their wits they lose all sense. Not the best photograph.

raccoon in hen nest August 27 2013