Snake Extraction Service

The newest residents of the hollow are Mr. Crowe (I call him Russell) and his many hens.

Checking the hen’s nests, I found a surprise visitor snacking on eggs.┬áDecisively, I reached my hand into my pocket and pulled out my phone and called the Snake Extraction Service.

While the Black Rat Snake was busy swallowing eggs, an unhappy hen clucked up a storm, demanding use of the nest. With the arrival of the Snake Extraction Service, the snake made a hasty retreat.

Slowed by the four or five eggs in its stomach, this snake was no match for the quick, capable hands of the Snake Extraction Service.

Not only does the Snake Extraction Service capture snakes, it also relocates them.

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  1. I had to send a link to all three of our kids–we have a snake lover, a snake extractor, and a snake hater among them (in that order actually) and the youngest takes after her mother!

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