Trigger Gap

This is what remains of the old Kings River crossing at Trigger Gap. Ozarkian.

Now you can cross the Mighty Kings River and not even realize you’re on a bridge. Modern American.

Highway 221 Kings River Bridge

7 thoughts on “Trigger Gap

  1. The upper photo looks like there’s a sort of stone dam across the river. Or is that debris?

  2. I think what you are seeing is the remains of the old bridge. The middle span was removed. I took the photograph of this with my phone up high on the new bridge, so you can get an idea of the heighth difference. The old crossing could be dangerous when the river was high.

  3. That’s a big jump over the water! Now is the 2nd photo what the road looks like now? Looks like the never ending road in Dumb and Dumber (my son’s favorite movie so I watch it almost every night).

  4. Thanks so much for posting this. My family and I spent many wonderful days and nights camping, fishing and swimming at Trigger Gap in the early 60’s. I can’t even imagine a new bridge much less a real road.

    • The two lane highway that runs from Berryville to near Trigger Gap is a very nice road – but it ends abruptly at the Madison County line and becomes a dirt road again. Locally, I’ve heard it called “the highway to nowhere.”

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