Turtles are Still on the Move

In the last few day, I’ve seen 4 different turtles in the hollow. Three were box turtles, but the 4th was this beauty, a common snapping turtle, seen from behind.

Common Snapping Turtle Ozark Weems Eureka Springs

2 thoughts on “Turtles are Still on the Move

  1. Outside of an aquarium, the largest snapper I ever saw was trying to cross Hwy 62 between Berryville AR and Green Forest. I stopped my car and put on some boots and kicked it off the road into a drainage ditch, figuring someone would come along and roll right over this red-eyed fellow. As I left I saw him/her trying to climb right back into the middle of the asphalt. Usually snappers seem to have intense irritation around /on their eyes. Maybe from being in ponds where cows pollute the waters a bit, to say the least.

  2. The only turtles I’ve seen are the ones at the pet shop and my friend’s home. However, they’re no where near as big as this. How come it looks like he has a tail?

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