Winona Township 2010 Census Data

As detailed above on the map, Winona Township covers 23.9 square miles of forest, river and farms. The hollow from whence these notes originate is situated in said Winona Township, and so it is only natural that I should eagerly await the release of census data accumulated last year by the US Census Bureau army.

Today I was finally able to manipulate the Census Bureau website in such a way that it presented the official, 2010 population of the Winona Township. The number we’ve all been awaiting is 453. 453 humans inhabit Winona Township.

So what can we make of this? Certainly, the current trend of people streaming into the township continues. In the last 20 years, the population of Winona Township has increased by 173 people.

2010 Census = 453

2000 Census = 359

1990 Census = 280

But the current trend reverses the population loss that took place during the Great Depression era.

1940 Census = 284

1930 Census = 238

1920 Census = 345

Winona Township covers 15,296 acres of land. At the present population, that comes out to 34 acres per person. Tend it wisely.