My Nature Conservancy Membership

I’ve been an ardent supporter of The Nature Conservancy since about 1980 when my older brother, standing next to the bunk beds in our shared Northern Virginia bedroom told me about a group quietly buying up valuable real estate to protect wildlife. He rightly thought I’d be interested in such activities. You may honestly question my passion for habitat conservation though as I did not immediately apply for membership. The excuse that I was only eleven years old is feeble even to my embarrassed ears.

Fast forward to now and I’m a longtime member of The Nature Conservancy. When the annual renewal arrived, I jumped on the internet bandwagon and paid my dues online. Imagine my surprise when this envelope was left in the mailbox up on the county road. My legal name isn’t Deep Hollow and I’ve been a faithful member for 28 years. Obviously, wires have been crossed. I predict that this internet thing people are starting to talk about will ultimately fail.