Sighting of the Annual Tarantula

Half an hour ago, I was driving along the paved county road and saw my annual tarantula. Seemingly since the dawn of time, I have seen exactly one tarantula per year crossing Rocky Top Road. It is a tradition that I enjoy and uphold.

Obviously, me saying “since the dawn of time” is hyperbolic, an exaggeration to make a point, but the first tarantula I ever saw on a then unpaved Rocky Top Road was during the fall of 1982. I was a passenger in Jack McCall’s Ford pickup and he didn’t even slow down so I didn’t get a good look at it. I do remember what Grandpa said though. He said he didn’t mind tarantulas, but he didn’t like the big jumping spiders. He said one once jumped onto the neck of his horse and he was thrown. I was with Grandpa that evening to assist him catching guineas on Frank Wolfinbarger’s farm. I believe I wrote a fictionalized account of this in Murder in the Ozarks. Hard to remember sometimes.

The Blue Skies of Green Forest

Tasked with a mission, the yellow dog and I loaded up and headed east on US 62. We had been given a bundle of old flags to be destroyed, so our destination was the American Legion in Green Forest, Arkansas.

The American Legion (Jordan Davis) Post #162 is on Main Street.

They have a receptacle out front for disposing of old American flags. They handle and destroy the flags following proper protocols.

Our task complete, we had the luxury to admire the sky.

Wowzer! Have you ever seen a sky with such a beautiful blue?

Summer is Coming

I never could take the heat well and every year is more difficult. I’ve worked outside today, but keep retreating into the air conditioning. The temperature at the moment is 88F (31C) and just humid enough to hamper my breathing. Meanwhile, if I climbed the highest ridge and looked eastward across the seas to Wemyss, Scotland, I would see that the temperature is a mere 48F (9C). That’s mowing weather to me, though I’d have to rig up the lights on the tractor because it’s already dark there, the sun having set at 955pm.

Shrekford Files IV

The Lady of the Hollow mentioned that the clothes dryer was taking twice as long to dry as normal. Never one to dawdle, the fat yellow dog was on the case. Turns out the exterior dryer exhaust vent was packed full of twigs. The conglomeration was carefully extracted and sent down to the boys at the lab.

Detailed analysis was performed and the discovery of pretty little eggs inside led Shrek to suspect a bird was involved.