Great-Aunt Opha Wolfinbarger Price

Opha Wolfinbarger Price

Opha Price died August 12, 2008 at the age of 86. One of eight children born to Arlie and Mary Lula Cordell Wolfinbarger, she attended school at Concord School and had two sons, David and Russell. Aunt Opha was buried today at the Shady Grove Cemetary. She was one of my wife’s favorite Sunday School teacher’s years ago. She was my grandmother’s older sister and a wonderful, sweet lady. I once gave her a kitten.

Land Cruiser and Jen’s Book Thoughts

The Weems family Land Cruiser

Toyota Landcruiser

It gets us around on these steep hillsides and crossing the creek – put chains on it in the winter and it feels like it will go anywhere.

Toyota Landcruiser 2
Toyota Landcruiser 3
Toyota Landcruiser 4

Jen Forbus’ Book Thoughts here:

She influences what I read – she introduced me to Robert Crais’ books, among others. And I won Lisa Unger’s book Sliver of Truth in a contest she had. Jen’s book reviews are some of the best I have read.

Passion Flower

For some reason, there are passion flower vines climbing all over the place this year. The vines have tendrils for gripping and can grow 25 feet long. The fruit (sometimes called wild apricot) will soon be ripe. I have heard that the juice is good squeezed in lemonade. Some people eat the fruit and make jelly from it.