1950 Census

I had been anticipating today for several years as the National Archives in Washington DC released the information sheets from the 1950 Census. I imagined all of America gathered around the screens of their iPads and laptops and UNIVACs, waiting for the appointed hour when they could dial up the internet and see what was said about their family 72 years ago. First I looked at the page for state highway 21 north out of Berryville, Arkansas. Yep, there’s Jack and Betty McCall and eight of their children living on a farm. Next, I hopped over to Eureka Springs at the corner of North Main and Magnetic to see McKinley and Lola Weems and their first six children. It’s noted that in the week prior, McKinley had worked sixty hours as a self-employed electrician. Then I followed Magnetic Road east out of town, gaining elevation passed the Lents to the top of the hill where George W and Lulu Weems had a farm exceeding three acres. George W was a self-employed carpenter who was looking for work, but had been unable to work the previous week. I wonder why, though I also remember he was born in 1880. Now straight south through all the familiar names of Winona Township to the Mason Bend looking for Southerlands and back up Kings River for more McCalls. No revelations, but time well spent.