Twelve Years of Notes from the Hollow

Notes from the Hollow started as an emailed newsletter twelve years ago in 1999. First, the updates were meant for my brother, Erik Weems, who had left Arkansas and moved to the east coast.  Occasionally, other people would be added to the mailing list depending on the topic. Then the unexpected happened, somebody actually asked to receive new updates to Notes from the Hollow. Then it happened again. And again.

In early 2008, at the suggestion of Erik, Notes from the Hollow became a blog. Some of the handful of regular readers made the switch to the blog and a few new readers were added. Sometimes, though, an entry would be posted that had wider appeal. I found a box turtle with a cracked shell and photographed the poor old guy with my cheap camera. It was read by dozens of people finding it through Google search results. On rare occasions, entries were viewed hundreds of times.

So, sometimes when something interesting happens here in this little hollow, like a baby possum being found in the tub of dogfood, I take some pictures and update Notes from the Hollow.

One Response to Twelve Years of Notes from the Hollow

  1. Dan Ives says:

    I’ve enjoying your notes for a few months now and have started my own blog of a simular style. My title is, Barefoot Arkansayer.