1965 Dr. Etherington to Show Congo Slides

This clipping is from the front page of the March 25, 1965 Eureka Springs Times-Echo. I would’ve liked to have heard Dr. Etherington talk about his trip to the Congo, but, alas, he hadn’t delivered me yet at this point.

Eureka Springs Times-Echo March 25, 1965

I suppose Dr. Etherington took care of me as a baby (seems I recall a story about him dropping me), but I didn’t see him again until I was fifteen and he was the doctor on duty in the Emergency Room at the Eureka Spring Hospital. I had tripped while taking down a pot of hot coffee from the burner up on a shelf. I asked my employer if I should go home and change my shirt. My employer had the head waiter rush me to the hospital where Dr. Etherington said I had second degree burns and proceeded to wrap my neck and head like that of a mummy. Had I known about his trip to the Congo, it would have been an opportunity to ask about it.